10 step building process

You decided to change your home? Just ten steps separate You from the realization of the reality of the dream. 

Step one 

Call us or come to our office at any time convenient for you. 

Second step 

Discuss with our consultant Your idea, describe new vision of Your home tell me what budget You expect! 

Step three 

The concept is, first of all, idea development phase and the Customer receives all the necessary materials, enabling one to assess the project and form the exact requirements for the further design work. It allows you to fully assess the potential opportunities of the object, and choose the direction and the course of further work. This stage is especially important and avoids many of the difficulties during the further designing. 

Step four 

All decisions taken by You on the realization of Your vision will receive with the help of our specialists preliminary conceptual and legal registration. 

Step five 

Examination of the building or construction expertise of individual structures is necessary in cases when there is destruction of the building or its individual structures, there is an emergency condition, with obvious defects must be converted or reconstruction with replacement of its parameters, it is planned overhaul, the resumption of construction after a long downtime required redevelopment of the building. 

Step six

The design of the new design of Your home is not only the development of a set of documentation necessary for changes or layout of the interior, is the process of realization of Your ideas with the help of the architect, capable to rethink all the information and create a personalized, "solid" and a really interesting project. 

Step seven 

All wishes and ideas will get an elegant embodiment in the process of the repair or design work sensibly planned, thought over to trifles. Our designers and builders of all specialties will perform any most sophisticated and exclusive project, strictly according to the project documentation and using the latest technological developments. 

Eighth step 

During and after completion of all works, we have regular inspection, and then complete the final testing of the quality of their performance. 

Step nine 

Once all the works will be completed, we bring Your house in order and prepare it to pass. You will be invited for examination and final acceptance of their new home. After this procedure, the representative VINCI DESIGN™ will give you the keys and packet with warranty and technical documentation on the house, and gift set. 

Step ten

That's Your dream has come true! Enjoy your new home - employee VINCI DESIGN™ give You complete information about schedules maintenance and warranty.

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