What suppliers do you use? 

Over many years of doing business VINCI DESIGN has established relationships with a number of key suppliers. With our wide range of sub-contractors and supplier relationships we can ensure that you have the full choice of products and services at a competitive price. We get the best prices from supply partners that understand quality and service. 

Are there any hidden costs with a Fixed Price Contract? 

There are no hidden costs. Your contract will outline what is included and what is not. We give you a complete addendum to specification showing everything that has been allowed for including appliances, bathroom fittings, hardware etc. This along with your full set of plans will leave you in no doubt, when you sign your contract to build with VINCI DESIGN. In some instances we will be unable to give a fixed price on certain items such as if the kitchen design has not been finalised. In this instance we will include a realistic quotation amount (P sum) for the type/size of the home. 

How long does it typically take to build a new home? 

Building length will vary depending on the section and the complexity of the design. We can discuss this with you in full detail after we have visited your site. We understand there are many ‘time’ guarantees offered by other businesses, but we want you to move into a home that you love, not just one that is completed on time. This means although we work to a timeline and stick to it, if doing so means having our name on a poorly finished house, we would rather extend the timeline out. 

What is your square metre cost? 

Many home builders get initially trapped with square metre rates. The simple truth is – a discount in price, is a discount in quality. You get what you pay for. We build for people wanting small cheaper homes or small luxury homes all the way to large cheaper homes or large luxury homes. Whatever the budget, we will ensure you get what you are looking for – every home built with our award winning attention to detail.

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