Technical survey

What is a technical survey 

Technical examination of the building is the process includes quality control of construction, testing of samples collected during the construction expertise, analysis of a condition of designs of a building enclosing structures, Foundation and soils under him. Technical inspection of buildings is to determine the operational qualities of constructions, expediency of reconstruction or repair of the building, identify the causes of accidents and prediction of the behavior of structures in the future. Works on technical inspection of buildings and constructions include two stages: an obligatory preliminary technical survey and a detailed technical survey.

When you need technical survey 

Examination of the building or construction expertise of certain structures may be required in cases where there is a destruction of the building or its individual structures, there is an emergency condition, with obvious defects must be converted or reconstruction with replacement of its parameters, it is planned overhaul, the resumption of construction after a long downtime required redevelopment of the building.


On completion of works on technical examination report shall be drawn up construction expertise, which contains: General characteristics of the object of examination, assessment of the technical condition of building constructions, conclusions about the «weaknesses» accurate calculations, check calculations, factor of safety, stability, deformation, the risk of invalid cracks, conclusions about the necessity of conducting a detailed technical inspection of the building (granular or solid) and a plan of action.

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