Few interior design styles carry with them the glitz and glamour of an entire decade. But Hollywood Regency is making a modern comeback, well after its heyday in the '30s.
The term "sky" is not intended to explain the opposite meaning of the word "grounded", and instead contains the meaning of "arrogant". But what is here is to represent the power of creativity no bounds. "Create on and experiment" that might be appropriate to describe what is in the minds of every individual an architect or interior designer. Experimenting with design, materials, style and the horse's bit, even experimenting with "budget".
High-tech in the interior like upholstered furniture, which is simple to its geometric forms and self-colored upholstery. This is a modern high-tech style with usage of superior high-end technologies. Hi-tech continues to be one of the important styles in the design of residential and public interiors. This style appeared from the design of industrial facilities, where all elements of the appearance were subject to a functional purpose.
The loft is one of the youngest and original styles of interior design. In its essence it is a result of the transformation of industrial premises to residential. This style is ideal for young people, students and creative people.
Pop art paintings can be used in various sizes for different kind of impact in the interior design and can also be created as wall murals. Use these as focal points in the room. The bright color palette of pop art will immediately spruce up any decor and attract attention. Hang them above fireplace, sofa, bed, or on the dining room’s feature wall.
Eco Interiors’ priority is to partner with you to design an interior that reflects your sense of style, meets your spatial needs, and helps you live in a healthier environment (inside and out). In your commercial and residential design projects, we will assist you in making choices that promote sustainable living.